Muscle Trigger Points App Reviews

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Not just for rheumatologists

As an acupuncturist I found this app to be very useful to find and deactivate trigger points (aka ashi points).


Ótimo !!!


Very helpful for therapists, easy to use. Excellent!



Very helpful

Great refernce app.

intuitive app

Very intuitive, especially if youre into intensive weight training and need to know where the pain points are.

Very useful!

I use this app to communicate my pain to my massage therapist & also home treatment.


Here we go again! Its been a while since I really considered TPs as part of my diagnosis. This app is a great review!!


A great app to identify possible problem areas and an alternative possibly for pain relief. A great adjunct to medicine.


Helps understand where pains are generated!! One step closer!!

Great app!

I am an RMT and have used this app with clients to help pinpoint where there pain is and where it is likely coming from. Its makes for more effective treatments and is a great teaching tool. Love it!!!!!!

Make it better

The one thing this app is missing is a section where I can add my own comments.This will be extremely helpful to people studying myofascial pain

A great Tool!

Whether it be teaching a client or working on my own trigger points...this app has helped me do more effective work...hands down!!!

Good, but ...

... lacks a lot of muscles and referral patterns that should be included. A great way to start in TP therapy, but one should quickly move on to a good book.

Very nice

Love this tool to refer back and show it to my clients


A friend pointed this one out to me to help me recover from a back sprain. Its priceless!

Kim Samis, RMT

Very helpful as quick reference for clients

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Amazing! I have wished for a tool like this for years- if you are a trainer you must use this app or you will be obsolete in this industry.

Not that great

Not worth $2.99


An indispensable quick referral tool. Thanks!

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