Muscle Trigger Points App Reviews

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Worth the money!

Im a massage therapist and I find this a great reference in my clinic.

Dr oz

Thats an exellent apps


Awesome. I have most of their apps. Totally recommend

Excellent resource

This app is a comprehensive and highly reliable resource. My most used health app.

Good App, but...

I appreciate this app, and use it from time to time to illustrate things to clients. I love the region, vs. muscle functions. Very handy. HOWEVER, there are quite a few muscles missing, it would be great to see more updates to include more muscles... Also visceral referral patterns, please!!! Either in this app, or a different app, but it would be handy! ****** Update! New update added new muscles, thank you! Would still love to see visceral referral patterns!

Muscle Trigger Points

Very good app, great videos, clearly shows trigger points, lots of helpful information

very good

I use it actively. very good.

Great app

It is very useful and good designed app


it would be great if you added the Russian language

Ios 8.3 iphone6 64gb 15gb is free --- Drops on splash-screen and does not work.

The program does not work at all.

6 stars for me!

This is an app... If you read comments too complicated or negative... You know that is one of the many arrogantssssss

Nice app

Very usefull . Im happy to have it

Really quite good

I suffered with numerous aches and pains due to the type of work I do. Taking the time to learn a massage therapy based on the info supplied by this app has be a life saver.

Massage Student - Essential app

I am a massage student at a clinical massage school. I often use this app and the Trail Guide to the Body apps to clarify material. Its also a great resource for quickly verifying information before a massage session.

Really good app

This app helps me in my daily practice always!

Awesome App!!

Im a LMT & this is such a great trigger point app the best one out there. This is a highly recommended App. I love the fact that I can show my clients focus areas I worked on and referred pain pattern. Clients love the visual!!!!

I am loving the bundle

If you are interested in this app get the bundle it is a great way to holistically treat yourself and loved ones and learn technique and gain skill. The videos are great and well worth the money!

Always use it

I always use it for myself and to show my clients if this is the type of pain they have. Im a Massage Therapist.

Absolutely love this app

Im a massage therapist and reffer back to this quite often, my daughter is now a massage therapist too, and she loves it

Love this app!!

Very informative, a wonderful tool and quick reference.

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