Muscle Trigger Points App Reviews

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Works for me

I like it! Could be more detail the body is so complex

Very good app

Detail is exceptional

TP app

Great reference for massage therapists and students of manual therapy. Very good graphics. Like the added action feature for muscle.

Really useful

Very useful app

Great app!

Great app and very precise!

Great app

A very useful app for the layperson or professional.


Easy to use, all info at fingertips.

Handy App!!!

An excellent quick reference tool for professionals.

Trigger point app

I love this app. Its very helpful when working with clients or in class studying.


Dont waste your money. All of the info in this app can be found for free and with much more detail all over the Internet. This app covers only a handful of the muscle groups. Info is scanty. One of those apps where you wish there was a refund process. Disappointing.

Great tool

Its a great tool for quick referencing. And you cant beat the price. It doesnt have all the trigger points but it has a lot



Amazing app

I am into massage and this app teaches me so much

Its good

Its very helpful

Basic info

Simple good information

Great app

As a student I love that I can quickly reference the main trigger points before an OP.

Simple, useful

As a dedicated athlete, I frequently have technique-specific muscle groups that cause me overwhelming referral pain. This app was recommended by my strength coach and helped him teach me home therapy for this tightness. Very simple but descriptive.

Great app

This app covers the main areas of muscle pain in the body. Its easy to understand and it really works. The pressure points are easy to find. Thank You for making this app.

Great App!

Fantastic App!

I love this app. I use it all the time and I also show others the very often. I just used it.

When Every I have muscle pain this where I go to get relief. Forget drugs get this app.

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