Muscle Trigger Points Відгуки


Quick easy reference, I use it to teach students and patients

Helps on Refreshing

Used this for years now and it helps me figure where my own pain is coming from! Highly recommend for students cause u can study on the go😎

Muscle pain and dysfunction

Love this app! My only complaint, is not being able to place notes on the various muscles. I use the app to educate my patients on why they are having pain. I also use the app to explain why I’m not working on their area of pain. The app also helps to explain why they feel a sensation in their back when I’m working on their stomach. I have been doing manual for 22 years and this app is a great tool have in a clinic. Joe

Love it

We use this all the time at home for my husband, mother and myself. It’s helpful as a massage therapist not only for clients but when I can’t get into get a massage having this helps me figure out just which tight knotted muscle is causing me grief ;)

Great Reference Tool

I use this to help me quickly assess referral pains my clients are experiencing.

Love it! So useful

This app is just so handy. Everyday I go to work I use. Especially on those massage clients that have decreased ROM. Gives you all the muscles that you need to work on if you remember them at the spot. I love it and I can’t go without it.

Great app

Good for any medical professional or student. Very accurate and easy to use.


This app is very helpful! The information is quick and easy to access.

Great portable resource

This app really provides a great on the spot reference guide and a wonderful way to offer clients a visual for greater understanding pre or post therapy. The video content is very straightforward and well produced. All in all a most useful therapy adjunct. Bravo!

Love it

Only feature I would like to see would be being able touch where your pain/problem is and it would show potential points that might help.

Great app

This app is well worth the cost. It is intuitive and very helpful. It has helped me out several times without having to get seen by my physical therapist

Has really helped using my Body Back Buddy

I bought this app when I bought my Body Back Buddy to help my sore back. That product came with a booklet but this makes it easier to find the spots I massage/apply pressure so thank you! Definitely worth the $2.99.


Perfect app if your working anatomy in any field of study. Helpful for yoga teachers and massage therapists.

Excellent app

I have used it in my practice for years and always have been effective.

Using this for years

Giving an image to sensations and pain for clients is an dispensable tool more therapists should utilize. This app is wonderful for doing just that!

Love this app!

It's so helpful for explaining things to my clients.

Good stuff

As a CMTPT this app shows very similar patterns to what I have studied. Handy tool to have at your fingertips


Love this app and use it often. Totally satisfied.

Great info

Great info

Trigger Points

Allows me to find quickly

Great for practice

Use it for trigger point injections and pt education

Great App

Very user friendly

Excellent resource

I’m a massage therapist on my 23rd year if practice . This is a quick ready to go resource for pain management.

Amazingly Helpful

I stumbled upon this app and so far I love it. The one negative is that I have not been able to figure out why the videos have no volume on my iPhone though they work on my iPad though with a delay in sound. It is still a great platform for the amount of information provided. Thank you developers.

Great tool

It has helped so many people understand the muscle area and trigger points causing pain.

Love this app!!

This app allows me to instantly identify issues AND makes it easy to explain to clients in a way that they understand. Extremely easy to use!!

Quite helpful

My family and I utilize this app often to assist with massaging areas that seem to be tighter do to playing sports and bad pasture. It really is informative for unknowledgeable professionals.

So many issues solved!

Use this app consistently, and it’s on the money!

Great app!

This is a great convenience for work! Loving it so far!


Exhaustive, in a good way. Very helpful

Excellent and so helpful!

This app is so good for identifying pain points. I love it!

Worth the money.

This app has expert information and available right in the the palm of your hand.


I went to look at 3 specific muscles and all of them were missing video content. A blue X showing were the muscle is located isn’t worth the cost.

Trigger point therapist

I have been using this app for a while now and it’s a great tool to show clients and strategize a plan to release trigger points. Love it. Thank you, Neuromuscular therapist, Tracie


Very useful and helpful app. I use it all the time.

Great for Thai yoga massage

I used this alongside our in person anatomy lectures for Thai yoga massage. They were super helpful in tracking muscles and trigger points. I plan to use this while working with clients

Are the other reviews fake??

This app is like 20 slides of some MS paint quality graphics that can be found on Google in less than the time it takes the app to load. Not worth the space it takes on my phone let alone $3.

Trigger Points

Being a busy massage therapist, I’m always on the lookout for great apps to quickly identify muscles for treatment and help educate clients. This is an excellent and very useful app; one of my favorites!


So useful!

This app is phenomenal!

I am so happy with this app. Working in outpatient again, I find myself referencing it daily, not only for my education but is easily displayed to educate patients also. Details are concise and easy to read. Thank you so much!

Useful App

Useful app. Consolidates a lot of information into one place. Also helped me ID the correct trigger points.

Great reference

Great reference to have on hand in my phone.


This is genius and is so clinically relevant and convenient!

So handy!

I LOVE my trigger point manual, but of course I don't want to carry it around with me, so this app is just the thing! I use it at least once a week for myself, and have used it many times to help friends, as trPs can mimic several things that require surgery, but are MUCH more easy to correct. Visuals, like those provided in this app are crucial when explaining to a person WHY they hurt in THIS area, but need to work in a DIFFERENT area. The reason for only 4 stars, is that it would be nice to be able to flip the process-show me where it hurts, then the possible points that could be causing it. But still, so happy to have this app! Great job! Update: Five stars! The videos are sooo helpful! Thanks so much for creating such a user friendly and educational app! Bravo!!!

Love it!

A friend of mine told me about this app. We are both PTs and I find it very helpful for the pain referral patterns.

Great app for education

Helps to teach those who are seeking pain/discomfort relief strategies

Perfect App for Bodyworkers and Their Clients

Easy and quick to use. Helpful in identifying muscles that may need work in addition to the obvious ones. Great to use as a visual aid for clients and helps them understand relationships between muscles.

Massage - Essential app

Update 10/17: I have graduated and still love this app. I am a massage student at a clinical massage school. I often use this app and the Trail Guide to the Body apps to clarify material. It's also a great resource for quickly verifying information before a massage session.

Loving it!

Just got turned on to this app by a fellow body worker! Loving it!

Great App

As a physical therapist assistant, I treat a LOT of trigger points. This app is very helpful.

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